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Hey Guys! I have a uni project that involves making a fashion film. I’ve been really inspired by Cruella De Vil lately (I actually dressed up in drag for the first time as her last month and I looked SICKENING) and whilst my first thought was to make a fashion film of me running around in a black and white wig stealing puppies… I was also thinking of making a 6 outfit collection on the sims and then filming a runway way show instead as it would cost me virtually nothing but time.
But I would only be able to do it justice if i had a hair that was black/white similar to the picture above but still maxis matchy like my style if that makes sense? 
So basically I was just wondering if any hair rexture-ers out there would be up to help me out? No worries if not I’m just playing with ideas at the moment but if anyones interested please let me know!

Hey everyone! I’ve had a mega busy few weeks and I really want to get back into creating but I’m just unsure of how to.
I feel like my niche in the CC market has shrunk slightly, with all the second life conversions people seem to be playing a different styled game to the one I’m creating for (if that makes any sense?. Do people still play the game? Or just make lookbooks?
I’m really unsure but I am trying really hard to find time to get back into it :(
Hope everyone’s ok x

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent again but I thought I’d share a little bit of real life Sentate fashion! (aka whats been taking up every minute of my life lately)
I made the jacket and skirt for a project for Uni, and also ended up entering it in a national competiton… which I ended up winning the top prize!!!
You can see my winning entry here -
Even though it seems strange I honestly wouldn’t be here without you and all of those who have downloaded, commented or even edited my creations in the past. The sims community allowed my creativity and fashion identity to grow, and doing so meant that I had the confidence to persue my dreams of fashion design!
So thank you all so much, and I hope I’ll finally update my site soon!


Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for the amazing response to the ‘Deuxmille dress’ :D I’ve had alot of questions about the shoes featured in the preview photos and I thought I’d make a post just saying that I made them and that they will be put up on my site when the next collection drops.
The new update is slowly coming together I’m a bit stuck on the colour scheme though (even though everyone creates their own versions I like to make my updates look like collections) and also what to make :O I’ve got alot of simple things but I think they might be toooooo simple im not sure :O

I have a 2000 word essay to write, but I also just passed 2000 followers! So I thought you were all much more important. :D
This dress is as simple as anything, its part of a dress from the new store set mixed with another top to make a gorgeous, flowing dress with a gradient channel. It’s also enanled for maternity so my preggo sims can actually wear something!
Enjoy everyone, and thank you all so much for the support on here and also for those following me since the very first upload back in 2007. I’ve offically been creating for 7 years!


Happy almost new year everyone!
Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Got so much uni work to do but I’ve just got back into the sims. Hopefully will have some sort of update in the new year. x

So last night I was dead hipster Mickey Mouse and now my sheets are ruined 👌

momosims asked: holy fucking shit. You like lady gaga! OMG I love you more!!!!!!

Haha thanks :D I actually have her lyrics “i’ll follow you until you love me” from paparazzi tattooed on my chest :D not really a part of the fan base but I think she is so inspirational.