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  • The Bella Pump - TS4 Edition

    After 24 long hours I could no longer take looking at the monstrous kitten heel clog things that TS4 comes with, so I decided to break some ankles and make some decent pumps!

    Named after the infamous Bella Goth; a classic, ultra high heel that comes in 6 colours (Electric blue not shown). The sole is also red because everyone want Louboutins really.

    please do not clone, recolours are welcome but please make sure they require my original mesh/upload.


    Sooo I decided to get the sims 3 and sort bellas shoes out.

    Creatings kind of awkward this early on but I still think these are ok for a first attempt. They show up weird in CAS but normal in game, im not sure how i can edit the textures (including bump, spec and normal maps so I’ll sit tight and hope for an answer :/

    So I got nominated to do the ice bucket challenge by my auntie and I’m sick of seeing half naked people with horrible clothes do them so I decided to serve some GLAMOUR.

    ALSO I’ve just found out someones already made a custom mesh… the game isnt even out! SENTATE SIMS 4 2014 :D

    Hey everyone!

    I’ve managed to pass the 3000 mark of followers on this blog. :D

    I decided that it would be fitting for what could be my final sims 3 creation to be a remake of the dress that started it all, the Kaylynn Dress. I love this design so much and really wanted to do it justice. I really feel like I’ve grown alot both as a creator and as a person since the first incarnation of the dress, and as a follower base you have all been there for me even when I’ve not been as active. Knowing that what I create is used across the world is a constant source of inspiration for me.


    Selfie Sunday! So I’m almost at 3000 followers and made a little gift to release when it pass that mark. I was going to try and fit another collection in before the sims 4 but I don’t think I’ll have the time. I’m also really excited about seeing if you can create in the sims 4 because I’d really enjoy the cartoony style. Have a good weekend everyone x


    Loud and adoring fanfare for sentate for always making the most perfect CC ever, since the old days of TS2 and on into TS3

    The amount of care and detail you put into every single item is unparalleled by any other creator I can think of. Since I first stumbled across you CC back during TS2 I simply can’t play my game without it <3 <3 <3

    This is the sweetest! Thank you so much, I’m so glad you appreciate my work as much as I enjoy making it. Xx

    So I know I’ve been promising new content for like a year but I’ve actually finished creating the collection now! 16 new items will be on my site as soon as ive finished re-designing it and taking the pictures.

    The collection is inspired heavily by my long term muse Cassandra Goth, I really wanted to create things that she would wear, in my game atleast.

    Stay Tuned!



    One of my Uni projects this year inolved making a ‘Fashion Film’. I decided to use the sims to create mine and I’m really happy with the results! Just finalising the redesign of my site but keep tuned for all the new content that will be available soon.


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