Mortimer Biker Leggings
It’s my birthday!! I had a mad one last year so im keeping it classy tonight. As a gift to you all from me, I updated my Mortimer Biker trousers into leggings for the sims 4. They’re high waisted, which is something extremely lacking in TS4 and I plan on filling that void asap.
They only come in black because I dont think any other colours would really work but I may change my mind later. I also reworked the knee zip because the previous version was a bit off. They’re a standalone file under accessories.
enjoy :)
I decided to make another two pairs of heels as I think I rushed the Bella Pumps slightly. So…
The ‘Dina Court' is a more traditional take on the classic pump, with a slightly pointed toe and skinny set back heel.
The ‘Dina Skyscraper' is the same classic shape with a concealed platform.
I also included a matte version of both styles, so you can pick one or have both versions in your game.
The Dina heels also debut the staple Sentate colour actions that all my uploads from now on will be available in - Hopefully the next time I upload something will be to my revamped sims 4 site!

EDIT: Thank you to Hautfashionsims4 for telling me how to make things matte!
Just a preview of a Sims 2 remake, the ‘Empusa Top’!
I’m working on a new site update (12+ new items for the sims 4) but I cant really make anything until the mod gods work out where the bump map, speculars and normal maps are hidden… also WTF are these shadow files and how do I tame them/do them?
I’m really excited but I just cant play the game until I make some decent clothes!
If anyone gets any info on those magical hidden files please drop me a message so I can get creating :D
p.s thanks for the amazing response to the bella pumps, more shoes coming asap!
The Bella Pump - TS4 Edition
After 24 long hours I could no longer take looking at the monstrous kitten heel clog things that TS4 comes with, so I decided to break some ankles and make some decent pumps!
Named after the infamous Bella Goth; a classic, ultra high heel that comes in 6 colours (Electric blue not shown). The sole is also red because everyone want Louboutins really.
please do not clone, recolours are welcome but please make sure they require my original mesh/upload.

Sooo I decided to get the sims 3 and sort bellas shoes out.
Creatings kind of awkward this early on but I still think these are ok for a first attempt. They show up weird in CAS but normal in game, im not sure how i can edit the textures (including bump, spec and normal maps so I’ll sit tight and hope for an answer :/
Hey everyone!
I’ve managed to pass the 3000 mark of followers on this blog. :D
I decided that it would be fitting for what could be my final sims 3 creation to be a remake of the dress that started it all, the Kaylynn Dress. I love this design so much and really wanted to do it justice. I really feel like I’ve grown alot both as a creator and as a person since the first incarnation of the dress, and as a follower base you have all been there for me even when I’ve not been as active. Knowing that what I create is used across the world is a constant source of inspiration for me.